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STS (Seviye Tespit Sınavı)

Must collect documents 
Application for filing 
Receipt for payment of state duty
Identity card (passport)
Notarized Turkish translation of diploma 
Notarized Turkish Translation of Diploma Supplement 
A copy of the passport on entry and exit to the country.

Full video here

Next you need to pass the tests
Diploma test. It is taken by everyone who graduated outside of Turkey. Even if you are a practicing doctor, a PhD and a fresh graduate.
Includes 120 questions on subjects:

  •    Therapy (Dahiliye)

  •    Surgery (CERRAHİ)

  •    Pediatrics ( PEDİATRİ)

  •    Obstetrics and Gynecology (KADIN DOĞUM )

  •    Neurology, Traumatology and Orthopedics, ENT, Ophthalmology (KÜÇÜK STAJLAR)

Passing score 35. Scored - you pass. If at least 34.99999 - do not pass!
1 correct answer - approximately 0.8 points.
4 wrong answers take away 1 correct one.

Практика (стажировка) - интернатура

6 months (maybe more, depending on the diploma) in one of the hospitals in Turkey.
Practice is paid!💰
You pay for the internship. From 4000 lira for each month for 6 months.
Everything depends on the city. And where to pass, it does not matter, the main thing is to pass.
And only after that you have the right to take TUS (about it below).
Then there are two choices:
You can start working in the emergency room or in the emergency room.
Salary about 20,000 lira (depending on the city and organization).

TUS (Tıp Uzmanlık Sınavı)

Residency examination. Is free. You are paid from 9-13 thousand lira
The exam includes both clinical and core subjects.
There are 240 questions in total. Points are very important here. The higher the scores, the more choices you have.

  •    Therapy (Dahiliye)

  •    Surgery (CERRAHİ)

  •    Pediatrics ( PEDİATRİ)

  •    Obstetrics and Gynecology (KADIN DOĞUM )

  •    Neurology, Traumatology and Orthopedics, ENT, Ophthalmology (KÜÇÜK STAJLAR)

  •    Anatomy 

  •    Physiology

  •    Biochemistry

  •    Microbiology

  •    Pathology

  •    Pharmacology

The results are announced within a month.
Everything about everything will take, at best, 1.5 years.
And if there are delays with documents or failures in tests, then even longer.

For admission to residency outside the TUS, you must also pass a test for knowledge of a foreign language. English, German and French are allowed. There are several  tests in English "Tıpdil" and "Yokdil". There are materials to prepare for these tests. But if you are intermediate, you can easily pass. You also need a Turkish language test. But some hospitals do not require it to be passed at the very beginning, but for the first year of the residency, it must be passed.

Do you want to solve real tests for 2022 that were on the exam?

Write to us:

I want tests 2022

Курс по терапии

—  Более 50 уроков (по 10-20 минут). 
—  Разработанный чеклист к каждому уроку (он особенный - поймёте когда увидите пробный урок)
—  Доступ на 3 меся
—  Платформа с тестами в подарок

—  Всё что на тарифе Стандарт
—  Чат в группе Телеграм

Цена:  ̶2̶0̶0̶$̶   100$ за весь курс

Цена:  ̶2̶5̶0̶$̶   150$ за весь курс

Платформа с тестами 

—  STS (март, сентябрь 2022)
—  TUS (март, сентябрь 2022)
—  DUS 2021, 2022
—  Yökdil sağlık (март 2022)

Цена: 50$


—  По подтверждению врачебного диплома
—  Поступления в резидентуру 


Цена: 50$

Оформление документов

— Входит консультация

— Помощь в сборе документов

— Вам нужно только принести документы в офис

Цена: 100$

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